The problem

Many Clio Mk II owners have experienced a problem with the heater blower not working properly.
Here we deal with those vehicles with climate control (digital aircon).
Vehicles affected include the Renault Thalia, Clio Sport 172 and 182 , Clio RS.

Clio owners may experience an intermittent heater blower fan, on one or more of the speed settings, or the fan may not work all, or only on full power, or may be stuck on full power.

The cause can be a fault in the electronic control panel, the resistor pack, or the blower motor.
The most common cause however is:
A faulty Resistor Pack.
(otherwise known as the Heater Resistor, Rheostat, or Blower Motor Resistor)
(Part No. 509921 / 7701051272 )
Note the oval shaped connector.
Resistor Pack for Clio 2

To buy a new resistor pack from Renault would cost in the region of £100, so it obviously makes sense to try and pin-point the source of the problem.


The cause

Start by examining the Resistor Pack. It is located under the scuttle.
Open the bonnet and it is located on the left. You need to do a little dismantling, and you will see the connector plug as shown below.
Location of Heater Resistor under the scuttle

Now pull off the connector.
If your blower is totally dead: (and you have checked your fuses):
Short out from 1 to 5 in the loom connector.
Testing Heater Resistor by shorting the connector
If the fan now runs (flat-out) when the controls are set "on", the Resistor Pack is faulty.

If your blower only runs flat-out:
Use a meter (set to ohms) to check the Resistor Pack.
Measure from pins 1 to 5 as shown.
Testing Heater Resistor by measuring resistance
You should read (very roughly, it varies) about 2K (2,000 ohms).
If you measure a short, the Resistor Pack is faulty.

If the blower only runs on the fastest selected speed
The fault must be in the electronic facia control panel, or the Resistor Pack.
Experience states that it will be the Resistor Pack at fault.

The solution

Choose either a brand new Resistor Pack or else send your faulty one to us for repair.
In either case, you will get a satisfaction guarantee that lasts for 12 months.

Ordering by Mail Order

Post us your faulty resistor pack - we normally repair, test and return within 2 days.
To reduce the possibility of delays, please book in your order first by finding your product and booking on line on this site first.

Please pack in a stout cardboard box and send to
QER Ltd.
Quality House
Reedlands Rd
CA14 3YF    UK

No jiffy bags please!
Enclose a copy of your online order, and ensure your phone no. and email are included.
Please state if you want the item returned if unrepairable.
Briefly describe the fault, as experienced.

If you are using Royal Mail, you can ask for a certificate of posting, guaranteeing  you the goods' value up to around £30-£35 if the Post Office fails to deliver. - Post doesn't go astray often, but the certificate is a free alternative to registered or recorded delivery as a method of insurance.
You can also claim up to £10 compensation if your despatched goods are more than 4 days late:


Heater Resistor Pack
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